Ferguson police chief resigns

The fallout from the recent U.S. Department of Justice report continues. Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson has announced that he is stepping down from his position. The decision comes in the wake of the resignation of two other top Ferguson officials. Earlier this week both the head of the municipal court, Judge Ronald Brockmeyer; and […]

New witnesses say Mike Brown killed while his hands were up

Two new eyewitnesses have emerged in the killing of Mike Brown. According to a video and interview obtained by CNN, two construction workers saw Ferguson, Missouri, police officer shoot and kill Brown while his hands were up. The cellphone video was taken shortly after Brown’s death. The two construction workers are seen standing by a […]

New photos of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson leaked online

Three weeks after Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown, he remains free and authorities have released few details about him. Besides one photo that leaked two weeks ago, Ferguson police and the St. Louis County District Attorney have not released new images. However, new pictures of Darren Wilson have surfaced via a blog called […]

Strong black families attend Mike Brown’s funeral

The black family is the strength of the community. During the home going service for Mike Brown, dozens of strong black families paid respect to a young man who lost his life too soon. Click continue to view strong black families that attended Mike Brown’s funeral.

US Congressman Hank Johnson on Ferguson and ending the militarization of police

After the death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the city became a war zone as protesters clashed with police. Some wondered how a local police department could be equipped with military weapons, tanks and other equipment. The Pentagon’s 1033 program allowed local police departments to request military equipment that was created for […]

National Guard ordered to Ferguson, Missouri, as Michael Brown’s killer remains free

The National Guard will be directed to Ferguson, Missouri. After another night of unrest, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon signed an executive order that will bring the National Guard to the city. On Sunday, police clashed with protesters three hours before the midnight curfew. Conflicting reports were given as to why the disruption occurred. Police claim […]

Unarmed Michael Brown shot 6 times by officer Darren Wilson, autopsy reveals

Ferguson, Missouri, Police officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown with the intent to kill, according to an autopsy conducted by Dr. Michael Baden. The New York Times reports that Dr. Baden was hired by Brown’s family to conduct a private autopsy. Dr. Baden’s autopsy revealed that Brown was shot at least six times by police officer […]

Ferguson man witnessed and live tweeted as Michael Brown was killed by police

A Ferguson, Missouri man witnessed the murder of Michael Brown and was likely the first person to break the story by using Twitter. The man’s username on Twitter is TheePharoah. He’s listed as a rapper/producer and lives in the neighborhood where Brown was killed. At 1:03 p.m. on August 9, @TheePharoah tweeted in all caps, […]

Photo of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson leaks online

A photo of police officer Darren Wilson has leaked online. Yahoo took a bold stance by releasing a photo of Wilson before the Ferguson Police Department. On Friday, the Ferguson Police Department released Wilson’s name and said he was the officer who shot and killed Michael Brown. However, the Ferguson Police Department have yet to […]