‘Whose Streets?’ documentary chronicles the aftermath of Michael Brown killing

Ferguson protesters in "Whose Street" film

It was three years ago today that Michael Brown was senselessly shot and killed by Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson after he was simply stopped for walking in the street. (Not for allegedly stealing, as was reported later, in a blatant attempt to assassinate his character after his death.) A new documentary titled Whose […]

Injustice in Ferguson, Missouri revealed by Twitter protesters

[portfolio_slideshow] While many mainstream outlets are covering the Ferguson protests after two prominent journalists were arrested, Twitter protesters have kept the news coming since Michael Brown was killed. From new highlights, photos and comments from those on the ground, and words from those around the world, social media has become the hub for important information […]

Instagram users protest Mike Brown killing and police violence

The small suburban town of Ferguson in St. Louis, Missouri, has been hit with martial law after peaceful protests went awry. 17-year-old Michael Brown, affectionately known as Mike Brown was killed by a police officer after fleeing the scene at the local QT. After two days of protesting, the U.S. government sent in large fleets of […]