Tech genius Imari Oliver shares how culture plays a big part in technology

Imari Oliver, the founder and CEO of Bond & Play, works with a bias toward action and understands the value in operating at the edges of culture. Oliver recently launched FinTech BLK Fest, and this year added RCKARTx, a next-generaton immersive art festival — both designed as opportunity accelerants and on-ramps for Black and other […]

Two Lewis gives newlywed advice, discusses fintech app Credit Rich and more

Spring is a time of new beginnings when love is in the air and hope springs eternal. For Two Lewis and Naturi Naughton, it also marks the union of the “real power couple” who were wed on April 2, 2022. The pair, who met through Naughton’s TV husband,  Omari Hardwick, wed in a royal affair […]

Black-led startup using innovation to create a financial technology powerhouse

It’s not common to hear of many tech startup founders being born and raised in Terry, Mississippi. But those odds did not discourage Sheena Allen. Instead, she used them as a purpose driver and a competitive advantage to start building a financial technology powerhouse. Allen graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a dual […]

Atlanta: The strength of a diverse mecca

Since Harlem was recognized for its Renaissance in the 1920s, people have been seeking the next place to tout as a Black mecca — a place that attracts people and the dreams of those living there. The definition holds steady, but does the location? In 1973, Black communities and progressive Whites brokered the deal that made […]

Twin brothers develop financial education app for hip-hop artists

In the entertainment industry, issues with the IRS and taxes make headlines often. The College of Hip Hop is the one-stop shop for entertainment education and coaching. It’s a place to learn the fundamentals of the entertainment game to avoid tax evasion, copyright infringement, etc. Sharing a passion for music, the founders of TCOHH are […]