50 Cent slams STARZ

50 Cent explains

50 Cent has seen much success on STARZ with shows he has on the network such as “BMF” and “Power,” but we may need to enjoy them now while they’re still here. It’s not for certain what happened, but 50 Cent went on Instagram and called out the STARZ network, calling them a few names […]

Robot killing of Dallas shooter Micah Johnson raises questions

The death of Dallas shooter Micah Xavier Johnson is raising some questions regarding law enforcement use of a remote robot with a bomb. For the first time in US history, a robot was used to kill a US citizen on American soil without trial. Dallas police have maintained that they had no choice since Johnson was still shooting […]

Louisiana police force their way into black man’s home

Another chapter has been added to the “Police Gone Wild” news that seems to be sweeping the country. This time the event occurred in Jefferson Parish, La. Donrell Breaux, 26, was arrested by a deputy shown in the video who seems to be forcibly entering a private home. The deputy has out a pair of […]