Why Foxy Brown was booed off stage at Kandi Burruss’ Dungeon Tour (video)

Renowned 90’s raptress Foxy Brown was jeered mercilessly while performing onstage during the Kandi Burruss Dungeon Party Tour stop in New York over the weekend. Foxy, born Inga Fung Marchand in NYC, was tagged by “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star and serial entrepreneur, Kandi Burruss, to perform at her Dungeon Party Tour stop in Gotham. The […]

Recording artist Cham releases new album, ‘Lawless’

The evolution of Cham is a suave take on a familiar outcast as witnessed with his latest album, Lawless. Hits “Money Wine” and “Get Drunk” deliver the sweet sound of a hot and heavy summer while heartfelt “Hero” reflects a deeper anthem. The official listening party for exclusive press provided a sneak peek into the […]

Foxy Brown blasts Vh1 ‘Hip Hop Honors’

Earlier this week, hip hop fans across the nation were talking non-stop about the return of Vh1’s “Hip Hop Honors” special, which honored a slew of female legends in the hip hop industry. However, one legendary rapper who wasn’t honored was Foxy Brown and she let it be known earlier this week that she wasn’t […]

Foxy Brown victim of surprise heist

Celebrities travel around the globe all the time with the most sought after clothes and items. And most of the time, their belongings are pretty safe as they travel. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for legendary MC Foxy Brown who recently revealed that she was the victim of a major airport heist and that she may be looking at […]

Foxy Brown sets record straight on Donald Trump endorsement rumor

These days, Foxy Brown usually stays out of any tabloid controversy. But drama found the legendary MC yesterday when rumors spread that she’d made the decision to puclibly endorse presidential hopeful Donald Trump. Not surprisingly, fans across the Internet were shocked and baffled by the rumor and began to blast Foxy over it. However, Foxy […]

Lupita Nyong’o and other beautiful dark-skinned celebs

Lupita Nyong’o undoubtedly gave a powerful performance in the award-winning “12 Years a Slave,” but her onscreen magic and emotion is not just bound to the silver screen. This past weekend at the Essence magazine’s seventh annual Women in Hollywood luncheon in Beverly Hills, Calif., Nyong’o, who was being honored, gave a powerful speech to the crowd about […]

14 months of sexy ‘King’ magazine covers

KING magazine takes pride in featuring the sexiest ladies in the industry — like Lola Monroe, Karrine Stephens, Stacey Dash and more. Check out these ladies and more who’ve taken sexy magazine covers to a whole different level. Do you think the covers are too sexy? –joi pearson @joiapearson

5 rap songs with horrible lyrical blunders

We all make blunders. It’s part of being human. Thankfully for most of us, our blunders are never recorded, pressed to millions of records, tapes and CDs, and distributed around the world. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for rappers. Here are five bad blunders that we are amazed no one in the recording sessions […]

Brooklyn we go hard … celebrities from the thoroughest borough

Brooklyn has recently emerged as the east coast’s mecca of all things current, fashionable and worthwhile. The borough, also known as the county of kings, has produced just that. Some of the greatest people in music, art, and fashion started in the not-so-humble borough of royalty. Click continue to see which of your favorite entertainers […]

Gucci Mane and other rappers with drug addictions

Gucci Mane has been the talk of the town for all of the wrong reason this past week as fans have been clamoring over his infamous twitter war with Nicki Minaj (who he claimed he slept with), Tyga, Waka Flocka Flame and several of his former hip-hop buddies. Things got even worse for Gucci when he […]

Foxy Brown dismisses rumors of a Lil’ Kim reunion at Summer Jam

Foxy Brown’s recent appearance on MTV’s “RapFix Live” has been making waves across the Web because of her tearful messages to her haters and her comments about Jay-Z’s “Picasso Baby.” But one moment that has stood out among fans is her revelation that Fabolous tried to get her and her rival of more than a […]

Foxy Brown tearfully asks haters to ‘let me live’

For more than a decade now, Foxy Brown’s name has become less tied to her own music and more so become synonymous with drama, controversy and struggle as she continues to appear on tabloid headlines for her alleged bad behavior. Although Foxy claims to be one of the tough girls of hip-hop, she broke into tears during […]

Foxy Brown caught stealing $900 worth of weave

In the past, Foxy Brown has had several bad run-ins with nail technicians i.e. she has assaulted more than a few of them. Now, it seems like Brown is extending her troublesome behavior to hair stylists as well as she was recently accused of stealing $900 worth of weave from a New York hair salon. According to Complex, […]

Celebs accused of having sex with kids

At the peak of their popularity, each one of these celebrities could have slept with pretty much anyone they wanted. Or more than one at a time, if they so decided. So it makes you wonder why, with herds of groupies at the ready, anxious to genuflect at their feet and do their every bidding, […]

Mac Miller reveals he quit syrup because it made him fat

Drugs aren’t anything new in the hip-hop community, but in recent years rappers have gone from talking about selling drugs to doing them — in extreme amounts. And while many fans have been focused on the questionable drug use of rappers like Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, rap newcomer Mac Miller recently admitted that he […]

Lil Scrappy and other rappers who fought drug addictions

Since its inception, hip-hop has had a seemingly inseparable bond with drug culture. Earlier this week, “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Lil Scrappy became the latest hip-hop star to land in hot water due to drug use. The ATL rapper recently revealed that he has an addiction to marijuana and decided to enter an […]

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