Exercises to trim unwanted fat off your back and arms

[jwplatform 5Wmw8CRG] The winter is definitely in effect, but don’t let the new year fool you. Summer will be approaching before you know it. Tiss is an Atlanta-based celebrity trainer who wants to help you get in shape. This exercise is great because it targets the triceps, biceps, back and legs. Complete four sets of […]

Get in shape without leaving your house

[jwplatform Fpn6R1rL] Tired of the gym? No problem. Doing these workouts will get you in shape if you stay consistent. This Atlanta celebrity fitness trainer will show you some exercises to get in the shape you would like without going to the gym. Do each exercise for 30 seconds; repeat all exercises four times. Target […]

Must-have workout equipment to achieve your fitness goals

[jwplatform XOcGJtEG] Celebrity fitness trainer Tiss demonstrates how to use a bosu ball with proper form in this video. Bosu training helps you strengthen the entire body. Bored from your typical ab routines? Add a bosu ball to the mix. Stability with ropes 30 seconds Wide grip push-ups 30 seconds Burpees 30 seconds Repeat each round three times.

Flatten your belly in time for summer

[jwplatform RpbJjmG6] Tiss is an Atlanta-based celebrity fitness trainer. Try these core exercises during your next workout. Do four sets of 20 for each exercise. Make sure your form matches Tiss’. Your form is a very important factor when you’re working out.

4 exercises to tone and lift your butt

[jwplatform inqj8Tq9] Tiss, a celebrity fitness trainer, demonstrates how to tone and raise your glutes. Watch this video, and try three sets of 20 for each exercise. There are four different exercises you must do in a set, so make sure your form matches Tiss’.

Full body workout without going to the gym

[jwplatform RqMk3aNm] Tiss is a celebrity trainer who’s amazing at sculpting bodies. If you don’t have access to a gym, or or are just not a gym person, here are a few ways to tone your full body. In this quick video, Tiss will show you how to do bear claw sprints, scissor legs,and alternating toe touches […]