Mom dies after cleaning up drugs from son’s overdose

The crisis of opioid use has a family in Pennsylvania grieving over a double tragedy. According to “WJAC News,” Theresa Plummer, 69, found her son Ronald, 45, unconscious on the bathroom floor from a drug overdose. Her son was a known drug addict and there was paraphernalia in the bathroom. Ronald was rushed to the […]

Child’s death from fentanyl exposure underscores opioid epidemic

Florida law enforcement officials are stating that the death of a 10-year-old boy is due to accidental contact with particles of fentanyl. According to the Miami Herald, Alton Banks, who was due to turn 11 in a few days, came home nauseous and vomiting after going to the neighborhood swimming pool. A few hours later […]

Deadly drug on streets of metro Atlanta kills after touching

The Georgia Bureau of Investigations has issued a public safety warning over deaths linked to a killer drug on the streets of metro Atlanta. The drug is a synthetic opioid called furanyl fentanyl and it’s so powerful it could kill by a single touch or inhaled residue. A batch of furanyl fentanyl was discovered in a […]