Jay-Z honors DJ Premier for his contributions to ‘Reasonable Doubt’

Jay-Z continues to celebrate the release of his classic 1996 debut Reasonable Doubt, which turned 25 on June 25 , 2021, and he thanked DJ Premier for his contributions to the project. The Gang Starr hitmaker produced “Bring It On,” “D’Evils,” and “Friend Or Foe” off the Brooklyn, New York, rapper’s first step to superstardom. […]

Kanye West and Gang Starr honor Black fathers in new videos

Rap music is the voice of hip-hop culture. Ideas, concepts and ways of thinking have been sculpted from the litany of verses that have flooded the airwaves. Biggie and Tupac are always at the top of the list when we discuss the culture. Both of them are products of single-parent homes. We laud their greatness […]

Gang Starr fills a listening void for 2019 with an instant hip-hop classic

The legendary hip-hop group Gang Starr released One of the Best Yet and it is a welcome addition to an overall underwhelming 2019. DJ Premier is the only surviving member of Gang Starr, as Keith Edward Elam also known as GURU (Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal), died on April 10, 2010. This project comes 16 years […]

New Music Friday: Lil Boosie x Zaytoven is pure heat; J Cole joins rap royalty

It’s another New Music Friday and if Pete Rock & Skyzoo don’t do it for you, perhaps Lil Boosie and Zaytoven will? They both delivered projects that hit the mark with quality tracks and outstanding production. Beyond that, we tossed in some hidden gems, playlist-ready singles and a song that marks the resurrection of Gang […]

DJ Premier on creating a classic

DJ Premier spoke to ROLLING OUT about the approach he took with recording the album, and revealed that he takes a more meticulous path to album-making than many of today’s producers