Cynthia Erivo embodied the ‘Queen of Soul’ during virtual world premiere event

From the extravagant, digital, 12-page invitation, down to the last seconds of Cynthia Erivo’s live performance following the virtual world premiere of Genius: Aretha, you could tell history was being made for fans and viewers alike. National Geographic’s Genius: Aretha world premiere exceeded expectations as it pulled out all the stops and set the bar […]

10-year-old Black genius Esther Okade tops her college class

Esther Okade had dreams of attending college when she was 7 years old. But instead of waiting 10 years like most students her age, she decided to enroll early. According to reports by Telegraph, Okade studied and was able to get on a fast track to obtaining a college degree by applying for Open University […]

10 black child geniuses you should know

If you only watched the evening news or depended on pop culture to paint a picture of young blacks, you would probably think that the majority of black youngsters were only ambitious about sports and music, or caught up in crime and debauchery. However, the face of black success isn’t limited to the fields that […]

Stephen Wiltshire: Autistic Black Man Now an Artistic Genius

The first word Stephen Wiltshire ever spoke was “paper.” He was six years old and his art supplies had been taken away from him in an effort to get him to communicate.  His second word was “crayon,” a tool he used to express himself through drawing. Today, the 37-year-old artist is world famous for his […]