Another Chris Christie scandal: Feds probe misuse of Hurricane Sandy funds

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) is in trouble again. The floodgates have been blasted wide open. Just days after firing two top advisors in his administration for orchestrating the George Washington Bridge scandal, Christie is now the subject of another investigation. In the new federal probe, auditors will examine New Jersey’s use of $25 […]

The questions Gov. Chris Christie didn’t answer about ‘bridgegate’

Despite conducting an exhaustive 90-minute press conference about the explosive political scandal now known as “Bridgegate,” Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) nevertheless failed to answer a few burning questions about the unauthorized closing of the George Washington Bridge. As rolling out reported, emails implicate senior appointees within the Christie administration of New Jersey who shut down the busiest bridge in […]

Most hilarious responses to Gov. Chris Christie’s apology for ‘bridgegate’

Based upon the gang of social media respondents, very few people on either side of the political isle are buying Gov. Chris Christie’s (R-N.J.) statement that he knew nothing about the planned shutdown of the nation’s busiest bridge two months ago. The famously rotund Christie was, of course, subjected to a plethora of obesity jokes […]

Gov. Chris Christie’s bridge scandal leads to death, endangerment

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, the highly charismatic politician most believe can easily win the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, is embroiled in an explosive and damning bridge closing scandal that led to the death of a woman, prevented the search of a missing 4-year-old and endangered thousands of others as part of a revenge […]