Health plan: Best ways to boost metabolism

With age the metabolism gradually decreases making it harder and harder to lose and maintain a healthy weight level. While exercise is the best way to keep that metabolism revved up there are also a few other factors to take into consideration as well.  From the foods we eat to getting enough sleep, the metabolism […]

Diet plan: Ginger and other natural painkillers

Whether you have a common headache or a bothersome toothache, natural remedies such as herbs and spices can replace pill popping. From fresh ginger to rosemary, try these herbal fixes before  reaching for pain medication. See which herbs will provide immediate relief for unwanted pain here.

Diet plan: Foods that naturally whiten teeth

Researchers have found that there are certain foods naturally clean, brighten, and fight off nasty bacteria that can harm your mouth. The teeth and gums need vitamins and minerals to function, repair and restore them naturally as needed. See which foods can help you keep a white, beautiful smile here.

‘Strip Club Queens Atlanta’ reality show (photos)

The public has an insatiable appetite for “ratchet-ness,” so producers of a new television show are presenting a visual feast of such wretchedness for ravenous viewers to gorge themselves on. “Strip Club Queens Atlanta” is the first in a developing franchise of gentlemen’s club dancers who unveil the innerworkings and behind-the-scenes operations of women who […]

Flu outbreak 2013: Smoothies to help fight the flu

While the flu may not be curable with medicine,  washing your hands frequently is the best way to fight the flu.  Having a strong immune system plays a major role in fighting off the bug as well.  According to Atlanta-based Rawesome Juicery’s owner and founder, Chantel Jiroch, “Adequate amounts of the right foods can boost your […]

7 Simple Herbal Remedies for Better Health and Living

Aloe Vera Grandma swore by this essential first-aid plant. Aloe Vera cleans, soothes and heals even the toughest bumps and bruises. This plant has antibiotic properties that promotes the removal of dead skin by stimulating the growth of living cells. This super-plant draws out infections all while reducing the chance of infection and scarring fostering […]

Healing Foods: Top Tips to Use Food as Medicine

Tip 1: Honey, Please (Allergies):  Having honey in your system from bees in your area can make you less susceptible to allergic reactions from pollen. Try 1 to 2 teaspoons in a daily cup of herbal tea, mix in with some Greek yogurt, or drizzle some on top of fresh fruit. Tip 2: Mean Greens […]