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Goodie Mob’s ‘Soul Food’: Did legendary crew drop Southern rap’s greatest debut?

Goodie Mob’s debut album might be the best debut in southern rap history and it represents that period in Atlanta’s history just before the cultural and aesthetic shift that defined the city after the 1996 Olympics. If OutKast were your cool cousins you’d hung out with in high school, Goodie Mob was like college “super seniors,” passing blunts while dropping knowledge in university housing.

Goodie MOB premieres video ode to white women

This week, Goodie MOB debuted a music video for “Amy,” arguably the most controversial song on their 2013 comeback album, Age Against the Machine. The track touches on the taboos surrounding interracial love, and on the surface, songs about uncomfortable race-related issues are the Mob’s calling card. The quartet made their reputation in the 1990s with topical music, after all.

Cee Lo won’t lose his spot on ‘The Voice’ despite felony charge

Cee-Lo Green may have some legal issues ahead, but the charismatic Goodie MOB frontman won’t be losing his TV gig over them. It is being reported that sexual assault charges against Cee-Lo are due to be dropped by the Los Angeles District Attorney, but he is slated to still face charges that he furnished ecstasy.

Goodie Mob performs ‘Army’ live on Conan

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