Notorious B.I.G.’s daughter gets extreme tattoo in honor of him

The Notorious B.I.G.’s daughter, T’Yanna Wallace, recently paid tribute to her late father in a major way when she got a new lip tattoo in his honor and caused a stir across theInternet thanks to her new ink. Wallace recently showed off her new “B.I.G” lip tat on Instagram with the message, “Business instead of games!” When […]

LL J Cool J Mourns Death of His Father

LL Cool J has long been revered as one of hip-hop’s best fathers. But, the admirable hip-hop patriarch and his family were devastated this weekend, when the rapper revealed that his own father passed away at the age of 65. LL shared his grief over the loss of his father, James Nunya, with his Twitter […]

Rihanna Gets Special Tattoo in Honor of Her Gran Gran Dolly

Rihanna has suffered a number of tragedies throughout her years in the limelight, but few have effected her like the death of her grandmother, Gran Gran Dolly. And after suffering such a devastating blow, Rihanna has now found a way to keep her Gran Gran Dolly  close to her heart — with a tattoo. On […]

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