The 10 states with highest food stamp use

Out of all the tragic consequences of the economic crisis, conceivably the most ruinous is the reality that each day, more and more Americans are struggling to feed their families. Recent stats from the USDA specify that 14.2 percent of the United States’ population participated in SNAP; now officially called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program […]

Middle Class and Poor Continue to Suffer While the Rich Continue to Shop

Luxury goods are selling far faster than retail and store brands. More indication that the divide between America’s rich and middle  and working classes. While the rich aren’t spending at the levels they were before the 2008 economic crash, they are close to those levels. Luxury goods initially fared far worse as the recession gained […]

Style Strategist Tonya Evans Shares Insight About Corporate Image

Everyone knows how difficult it is has been for many executives to land a job during the Great Recession, and how you present your professional image is just as important as your experience. Miami-based image and communications consultant, Tonya Seavers Evans, whose passion for teaching individuals how to dress for a purpose and make an […]