Is Toya Wright getting married for the 3rd time? (video)

The third time is the charm. Or at least Toya Wright hopes so. The reality star, author and entrepreneur is allegedly getting married to NBA agent Robert “Red” Redding in the near future — at least according to a friend who was probably blurting out privileged information with the aid of some potent adult beverages. […]

2 Girls Who Travel share their love for Greece

Photo Credit: 2 Girls Who Travel

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Greece? Is it the picturesque white homes on the cliffs of Santorini? The history of Greek gods and goddesses? Or glasses upon glasses of wine?We were able to experience it all! And although we weren’t able to do everything (we only had a […]

Bakari Henderson: Video of student killed by White mob (graphic)

Bakari Henderson: was not in the segregated American South of yesteryear but rather in an idyllic Greek paradise when he was beaten to death by a White mob. But like many lynching victims from decades past, he made the fatal error of allegedly getting too friendly with a White woman. The woman was a waitress and […]

Black college grad killed in Greece for this reason?

All Bakari Henderson wanted was a photo featuring a waitress during a vacation in Greece. And for that, he was beaten to death by a mob of men. This is the reason given after the preliminary investigation was conducted by the Greek police, according to the local newspaper Kathimerini. Henderson, a recent University of Arizona […]

Black college grad stomped to death by mob while on vacation in Greece

What was supposed to be a celebratory time for a Black American college grad ended in tragedy, as he was beaten to death by a mob outside a popular bar in Greece. Bakari Henderson, a 22-year-old recent graduate from the University of Arizona, was pronounced dead early Saturday outside Bar Code in Laganas, an area […]

Hilarious! Kim Kardashian says Lamar Odom is damaging the family brand

Get ready to laugh, ladies and gentlemen. Kim Kardashian tore into her sister Khloe for staying with her wayward husband, Lamar Odom, saying that his serial cheating and drug use is ruining the family brand. Kimmie Cakes called it “tacky.” This comes from a woman who established the family brand on her back atop a […]

Obama’s Quagmire: When a Double-Dip Recession Is a Full-Blown Depression

Congress and most politicians are out of touch with the real world. They do not cut their own grass, go to PTA meetings at public schools or wash dishes. Rather, they have lifelong guaranteed pensions and health insurance, their children attend private schools, and to top it off, they take a five-week vacation. And Obama […]