Fit Fridays with Holly Lowe Jones: 3 benefits of fasting (or eating less often)

For years, I lived by the “eat more frequently” mantra.

As a personal trainer, I even urged my clients to eat every two to three hours, in an effort to boost their metabolism. My belief in this weight-loss method was founded in my own experience. I’d gone from being a pudgy adolescent to a fit and trim fitness buff and competitive triathlete.

Doctors in Kenya uncover mass sterilization plot by UN agency

The secret sterilization of Africans has been the source of conspiracy theories for decades. However, this time, according to the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, it’s true. The organization alleges that millions of Kenyan women and girls have been given a tetanus shot, sponsored by the United Nations, which can cause miscarriages. The inoculations were part […]

Home pregnancy test tells you how far along you are

Finally, Clearblue has developed and put on the market the Advanced Pregnancy Test With Weeks Estimator. Now expecting families can get an estimate on whether they are one to two, two to three, or more than three weeks pregnant by using the two test strip. The HCG hormone that is present in pregnant women begins to decline after […]