The super herb that can reduce stress and anxiety

What if there was an herb you could take to reduce stress and anxiety? Herbs have great health benefits — such as managing and preventing heart disease, cancer, and diabetes — but one can improve forms of mental health. There is an herb called ashwagandha that comes from India, Northern Africa, and the Middle East. […]

Keya James used her natural hair journey to launch a booming business

Keya James wears many hats and entrepreneur is among them. She is the CEO of Tailored Beauty Products, a natural hair care line based around herbs with healing properties. Raised in the public housing projects of the Bronx, New York, learned quickly about life and how to hustle and grind. Upon graduating from college, James […]

Diet plan: Ginger and other natural painkillers

Whether you have a common headache or a bothersome toothache, natural remedies such as herbs and spices can replace pill popping. From fresh ginger to rosemary, try these herbal fixes before  reaching for pain medication. See which herbs will provide immediate relief for unwanted pain here.

Diet plan: 5 foods to fight fat

Feeding your body the proper foods will lead to a longer, stronger and healthier life. It’s similar to making a decision to use regular or premium gas in your brand new Benz. Choosing the right foods, portions and exercising properly are important to everyday life. Healthy living and weight loss are 80 percent diet and […]

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