AIDS: 40 years later, Black women still fighting the same battle

40 years ago, a new disease emerged in the medical and scientific community. It was called AIDS, caused by the virus HIV. Almost immediately, it wreaked havoc on the African American community, and those that were impacted the most were women. Still, HIV continues to present a disproportionate risk to African Americans. Although young African […]

Gay Black men discuss dating women, part 2

Rolling out interviewed three very affluent and very eligible gay men to discuss the complications of dating a gay or bisexual man. After doing a story a few months ago on women who are open to dating bisexual men, we learned there were quite a few Black women comfortable with dating openly bisexual men but very […]

Breaking News From the CDC: Race Not a Factor in Heterosexual HIV Risk

The dialogue around race and heterosexual HIV transmission has been pretty brutal in its messages to and about black women. The alarming statistics about new HIV cases and AIDS deaths have led to plenty of speculation about black culture, and specifically what is it about the behavior of black women that puts us at higher […]