Hip-Hop exes and mistresses

Hip Hop Exes and Mistresses (Jumpoffs and Baby Mamas) Ex-wives, -girlfriends and mistresses (and even jumpoffs and sidepieces) are due their 15 minutes of fame. From walking the red carpets, showing up on popular photo websites like Getty and Wire Images, and jetsetting around the world to places that most of Americans only dream about […]

Hip-Hop Wives and Cosmetic Surgery

While we can’t be 100 percent sure exactly what procedures have been performed by plastic surgeons on hip-hop’s more popular wives, it’s obvious for a couple of them their twins grew from A’s to D’s overnight. Then, there are a couple who have no problem telling you exactly what work they’ve had done on their […]

Hip-Hop Wives’ Wedding and Engagement Rings

Hip-hop wives are among the most respected wives in the entertainment industry.  Most hip-hop wives were in the picture when their man was living on a dollar and a dream, and as he climbs to the ladder of success, she’s usually there after the groupies clear the scene.  Though many of our favorite hip-hop wives […]

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