How celebrities spent their Thanksgiving holiday

The Thanksgiving holiday traditionally symbolizes giving thanks and fellowshipping with family and friends. It’s the foray into the biggest holiday season of the year, which includes Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year’s Eve.  It also kicks off the shopping season. Here’s how our favorite celebrities spent their Thanksgiving holiday. –yvette caslin

Most trifling Thanksgiving turkey ideas

There are a lot of creative ideas that can make Thanksgiving turkey special, but these are not among them. Take a look at some of the worst Thanksgiving turkey ideas ever!

Atlanta Thanksgiving meals to go 2012

With Thanksgiving just days away it’s time to start preparing PARISH Thanksgiving To-Go! Chef Edward Russell of PARISH: Foods & Goods will combine fresh, organic ingredients harvested by local farmers to create delicious menu items that capture the essence of Thanksgiving. Parish will be offering an a la carte menu program, price depending on menu […]

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