Realtor Lauren Allah provides useful tips before buying a home

Lauren Allah is a 25-year-old entrepreneur and licensed realtor in Michigan. She specializes in helping individuals find homes, and she oversees the entire process, from start to finish. She is determined to help individuals understand the importance of homeownership and financial freedom, which is why she’s providing individuals with a few tips before purchasing a […]

Wells Fargo’s Rob Robertson shares new opportunity to achieve homeownership

Many of us are told by our parents and society that homeownership is the best path to lasting wealth. There’s no question that it’s one of the smartest ways to build generational wealth. But just like all financial decisions, the choice to buy a home should be made within the context of your overall life goals. […]

5 ways the hip-hop generation destroys home ownership dreams

I used to hear my dad say renting was completely ineffective. I never understood that. Then I started paying my own rent. I now see what he means. Millennials, or the hip-hop generation, are individuals between the ages 18-29, actually have an interest in owning a home, but a variety of personal and financial troubles […]

Wells Fargo SVP Brenda Wright Says Now’s the Time to Build Wealth

Wells Fargo’s SVP and regional manager of California Community Development, Brenda Wright, has an important message for the black community.  Her experience in banking has shown her what it takes to turn the tides of a bad economy.  She and her team have done it in California’s Bay Area.  Despite the gloomy economic forecasts, she’s […]