Tracy Morgan in More Hot Water After Making ‘Retarded’ Jokes

Just a week after apologizing to the LGBT community for a recent homophobic rant, comedian Tracy Morgan is in hot water, once again, this time with advocates for the mentally and physically disabled community who are demanding that Morgan apologize for his negative use of the terms “retard” and “cripple” in a recent comedy show. […]

Tracy Morgan Meets With LGBT Teens

Tracy Morgan makes good on promise to the LGBT community. After enduring a firestorm of public criticism following his infamous homophobic rant earlier this month, Tracy Morgan is intent on making amends with the LGBT community. And as promised when he publicly apologized last week, the comedian recently teamed up with the Gay & Lesbian […]

Chris Rock: ‘Tracy Morgan Is a Tad Off, We All Know That’

After it was reported last Friday that comedian Tracy Morgan delivered a homophobic rant during a recent comedy show in Nashville, Tenn., the “30 Rock” star has now issued an apology for his controversial statements. The apology, which was sent to The Huffington Post on Friday via a representative, reads: “I want to apologize to […]

Tracy Morgan Says He’d ‘Stab’ His Son If He Were Gay

Tracy Morgan reportedly delivered a homophobic rant during comedy show in Nashville, Tenn., that’s now causing an uproar among the LGBT community and its supporters. The comedy show occurred Friday, June 3, at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium. Audience member Kevin Roger, shared his account of the show on his Facebook page, citing several of Morgan’s homophobic […]