Mel B hopes new dating podcast will encourage honesty

Mel B has just launched “The Truth Flirts,” with dating app Badoo and said she jumped at the chance to discuss life and love on her new show. The 44-year-old Spice Girls star hopes her new podcast will encourage people using dating apps to “be honest.” She said: “Being honest is probably one of the […]

Messiah Equiano presents ‘Penis Monologues’ at DuSable Museum

Messiah Equiano, a native Chicago son, is a playwright and is currently presenting his version of Penis Monologues. Rolling out had the privilege of speaking with Esquiano to see what makes him tick and to get his thoughts on relationships and honesty. Tell us about yourself. My name is Messiah Equiano. I was born and raised in Chicago and the […]

Black male students enter closed store by mistake, pay for items selected

A group young men in New Jersey found themselves shopping in a store by mistake. According to reports by WSFA in New Jersey, the men entered Buddy’s Small Lots after the store was closed on Aug. 25. They were able to get inside because the lock on the door was missing. Also, they assumed the […]