Blair Caffey, CEO of Honor Roll Clothing, tells inspiring story of the brand

Blair Caffey is the CEO and founder of the trending new apparel line, Honor Roll Clothing. At the core, Caffey is a man who desires to do God’s will and to follow Christ as much as possible. Caffey’s dedication is exemplified in how he does business with people as well as the motivation behind the […]

COO Darnell ‘Shep’ Shepherd discusses building the Honor Roll Clothing brand

Darnell Shepherd, better known as “Shep,” has been friends with Honor Roll Clothing CEO Blair Caffey for years. The brotherly bond between them goes back to their middle school days, and their friendship only grew stronger throughout high school and college. According to Shepherd, it was during their undergrad years that Caffey was inspired to […]

Chris Duncan is the marketing mastermind behind Honor Roll Clothing

Marketing director Chris Duncan is the mastermind behind all the marketing and analytics for Honor Roll Clothing. As one of the owners of Honor Roll Clothing, it is Duncan’s responsibility to make sure the brand is in front of people in the most succinct way. Honor Roll Clothing is a hot new unisex brand that’s […]