Rick Ross details near-death episodes from addictions and gunfire in new book

Rap star Rick Ross gets candid and graphic about his former predilection for that toxic brew of powerful prescription medication and alcohol and the ensuing seizures in his recently-released memoir, Hurricanes. “My life is really like a movie,” the man born William Leonard Roberts II told People magazine in an excerpt from his book. Ross, 43, […]

Hurricane Irma is a beast: 8 facts that should make you prepare

Just as Texas and other portions of the Gulf Coast have recovered from Hurricane Harvey, another storm named Irma is soon to hit. Here are some facts that make Hurricane Irma a serious threat if you live along the East Coast of the United States. According to media outlet CNN and the National Hurricane Center: […]

Looters pose as hurricane relief workers to rob Houston homes

As if losing their property to rising flood waters and being forced into shelters was not enough, Houston residents now have the added threat of looters and robbers posing as government agents to worry about as well. Residents have been “evacuated” from their homes by criminals posing as fire fighters, EMTs and Immigration workers who […]

Hurricane Harvey: Black mom curses out clueless CNN reporter in shelter

A CNN journalist received a brutal on air lesson in truth from a Hurricane Harvey victim. Rosa Flores seemingly chose at random to speak with a visibly distraught and shivering woman named Danielle, who had just arrived at the shelter with her children next to her. Flores decided that the woman would make a great […]

Hurricane Harvey? Black Twitter more concerned about fight night

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor facing off in Brooklyn, New York (Photo courtesy of Rosie Cohe /SHOWTIME)

Despite the fact that Hurricane Harvey is bearing down on the state of Texas, some folks on Twitter are more concerned about the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight. The warnings of 130 mph winds, 30 inches of rain and alligators roaming the street have many wondering if their cable or satellite TV service will work for […]

Hurricane Harvey: Texas to be hit with rain, winds, and alligators

The U.S. National Hurricane Center has issued a warning for Hurricane Harvey, which is set to hit Texas today. According to the federal agency, Hurricane Harvey will pack winds up to 130 mph and will dump 30 inches of rain across the state. Harvey is being called the “perfect recipe” for a category 3 hurricane […]

Wrongly convicted boxer Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter dies at 76

Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, the boxer famously convicted for murder and spent 19 years in prison before the charges were dismissed, has died at age 76. According to numerous reports, Carter died of prostate cancer early this morning at his home in Toronto. Carter founded the nonprofit organization Innocence International in Toronto to assist inmates who are possibly wrongly convicted.

15 Amazing Instagram Photos of Hurricane Sandy’s Destruction

Superstorm Sandy pummeled the East Coast in one of the worst natural disasters in that area in decades. With 80 mph winds, the storm ripped through New York, New Jersey, Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia. Over 3.1 million residents in New York were left without power as the storm created flooding, knocked down trees and tore […]

Top 5 New Orleans Cocktails; Guide for Super Bowl XLVII

Raise your glass for a toast to the Crescent City. New Orleans is known for its rich culture and entertainment, as well as creating some of the tastiest cocktails. Check out the top five cocktails that you should serve at your next Super Bowl Party, or if you’re lucky enough to cop tickets to Super […]

Denzel Washington: The Black Millionaire Blueprint for Success

Just how great is Denzel Washington? The greatest actors of this generation sing his praises. Two-time Academy Award winner Tom Hanks (Philadelphia, Forrest Gump) said working with Denzel was like going to film school. Two-time Academy Award winner Jodie Foster (The Accused, The Silence of the Lambs) told rolling out at a movie premiere that […]

Black Mom Jailed for Illegally Enrolling Her Kids in Better School Denied Pardon

Amid all the rhetoric in this country about how lower-income black parents supposedly don’t care about or participate in their children’s education, Kelley Williams-Bolar was so concerned about the quality and safety of the school in her neighborhood, she used her father’s nearby address to enroll her two daughters in a better one. She went […]

Easter in New Orleans: A Celebration of Life and Resurrection

Although Fat Tuesday marks the end of Mardi Gras and the beginning of Lent, when many of the faithful forgo worldly indulgences until Easter arrives, New Orleans is a place where pleasure and excess have been elevated to an art form. They are two of the essential elements in the Crescent City’s irrepressible character and inevitable comeback […]