Immortal Technique Shines Bright at Ferguson Is Everywhere Concert

[jwplatform 20lzglz0] More often than not, it feels like the nation could care less about the importance of black life. That fact hasn’t gone unnoticed by lyricist Immortal Technique, who performed an impassioned freestyle during last night’s Ferguson Is Everywhere concert. Powerful words.

Rapper Immortal Technique arrested after confrontation with bootlegger

Popular underground rapper Immortal Technique was arrested last week in California for confronting and allegedly attacking a street vendor who was selling unauthorized merchandise with his logo. The rapper, whose birth name is Felipe Andres Coronel, was arrested along with his tour manager, Steven McDaniel, and charged with suspicion of robbery and attempting to dissuade a victim from reporting […]

The Power of Positive Lyrics, Courtesy of Immortal Technique

“African streets where the passport’s an a American gun from where they massacre people and try to keep it quiet and spend the next 25 years tryin’ to deny it” The Lyrics above led to our discovery of many atrocities to our homeland most we never knew about, this just goes to show that positive […]