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DJ Timbuck2 dies at 34

Chicago’s music scene has been in mourning for the past few days. Tim “Dj Timbuck2”…

‘3 Feet High & Rising’; how De La Soul forever changed hip-hop

One of the most original and innovative debut albums in hip-hop history, the masterpiece from the Long Island, NY-based trio of De La Soul was a world-changing album that offered proof that hip-hop was not just machismo and aggression. At a time when hip-hop’s more “gangsta” and “political” strains were at the height of visibility, these three oddballs from the suburbs fired a shot for hip-hop nerds everywhere.

Adrian Marcel on Ginuwine, the Bay and learning from Raphael Saadiq

Adrian Marcel remembers exactly what album and what artist inspired him to become a singer. The R&B star from East Oakland knew that he was destined to be a performer after he heard Ginuwine’s 1998 album 100% Ginuwine. “That’s when I knew for sure that [music] was where I wanted to go,” he recalls. “I was always into music but that was around the age when you start liking girls, and I realized you get girls from singing. [laughs]”