Inspiration for adding bold colors to your hair

Spring has sprung and what better way to show your individuality than to add a bit of color to your gorgeous locks, and not just any color by the way. During the warmer months most tend to lighten with blonde, browns, auburn and copper hues but lately we are seeing ladies with bright blues, pinks, […]

Natural big hair looks on Instagram

We love big hair, big hair that will make the person behind you at the movie theater upset that you sat in front of them kind of big hair. Going natural sounds good but it is not always an easy process to go through, check out a few natural hair looks in the gallery. –joi […]

Tiny Harris, Gabrielle Union and more female celebs who do mirror selfies

The selfie is not just a movement; it is an obsession for some, and it has evolved into something even bigger than itself. Now celebs are posing in front of the mirror to show off fashions, close ups, even going over the shoulder to show off their assets. Above, Tameka “Tiny” Harris is posing quoting, […]