Swizz Beatz Targeted by Feds in Megaupload Case

The world of internet piracy was rattled in January, when file-sharing giant Megaupload was shuttered by the federal government for racketeering and copyright infringement charges, and several of the site’s founders and employers were placed in jail. At the time, the company’s presumed CEO, Swizz Beatz, was cleared of all charges when it was revealed […]

Swizz Beatz’s Hush-Hush Job Leads to Lawsuit

With the nation still buzzing over the impending SOPA/PIPA legislation, and a host of websites like Wikipedia and Google doing blackouts in protest, many are watching as well as taking sides on the issue of Internet freedom and piracy. And now, hip-hop mogul Swizz Beatz has landed at the forefront of the issue, as it’s […]

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