3 of R. Kelly’s associates arrested for bribery and threatening witnesses

Three men with affiliation to embattled R&B singer R. Kelly have been arrested by federal authorities in three different states for trying to bribe and threaten potential witnesses in his sexual assault trial. Robert Sylvester Kelly, 53, continues to languish in a Chicago jail, facing more than 20 charges on both the state and federal […]

St. Louis cops taunt and intimidate protesters amid growing unrest

The situation in St. Louis is out of control as police in riot gear decided to inflame the situation with taunts of their own toward protesters. While tear gas was being deployed and police in riot gear marched, police shouted, “Whose streets? Our streets!” in a startling display of unprofessional behavior. Protests erupted this past […]

Oath Keepers split over arming Ferguson protesters

Earlier this month, Oath Keepers, a right-wing, anti-government militia group, announced it was going to arm Black protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, with assault rifles. The move was to challenge Missouri’s open carry law and to show that the organization was not racist. But the announcement of the march caused dissension among Oath Keeper national leadership […]

Ferguson: Oath Keepers will arm 50 Black protesters with assault rifles

The anti-government, pro-gun rights group Oath Keepers is getting ready for a special demonstration on the streets of Ferguson. Despite police and city officials declaring their presence on the chaotic streets of Ferguson as “unnecessary and inflammatory” the group is not backing down. The Missouri chapter leader Sam Andrews has stated that it will arm […]

Armed White militia ‘Oath Keepers’ patrol and intimidate the streets of Ferguson

For the second time in a year, the White anti-government militia group Oath Keepers have deployed members in Ferguson, Missouri. At least four members are in the city and patrolling areas where there are majority Black residents. To many residents, seeing these men fully armed with assault rifles, multiple magazines of ammo and an attitude […]