Walmart to sell iPhone 5S and 5C for discounted price

Walmart has already announced plans to sell both of Apple’s new iPhone models for a discounted price on Sept. 20. The company announced on Thursday, Sept. 12, that they will sell the iPhone 5C for $79 and the iPhone 5S for $189. The prices represent a $10 discount on the 5C and a $10 discount […]

Top 3 updates to the Apple iPhone 5C

iPhone users are you ready to stand in long lines again?  Apple has done it again …  it is releasing a new iPhone 5C and iPhone users cannot be more excited! Check out the top 3 updates to the iPhone 5C that iPhone users can’t wait to get their hands on. – Joi Pearson @JoiAPearson The iPhone 5C is Apple’s low-cost handset is wrapped in bright […]

Best tech gifts for your Valentine (for him)

Everyone knows that men love gadgets. What better way to show him how much you love and appreciate him than with a new one? Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Need a few ideas? Check out these five tech gadgets your man will be sure to love.