D.L. Hughley blasts Trump for Syrian air strike

The world was surprised this week when President Trump confirmed that he had authorized a military air strike against a Syrian government airbase in response to a chemical weapons attack in Syria that killed dozens of people earlier in the week. Since the U.S. missile strike, numerous citizens and celebs alike have been weighing in […]

Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian respond to Trump immigrant ban

President Donald Trump sent America into a state of shock and uproar this past weekend when he signed a shocking executive order that banned many Middle Eastern immigrants from entering the U.S., forcing thousands to be separated from families, jobs and new lives here in America. Of course, the order sent shockwaves throughout the world […]

Tyrese pens open letter to Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been offending minority communities left and right throughout his campaign to win the 2016 Republican Party presidential nomination. More so than any other community, Trump has gone after the Muslim community, making Islamophobic remarks in the press and even calling for a ban on Muslims entering the country. Many celebs have already spoken […]

Donald Trump gets blasted by major hip-hop legend

Donald Trump has offended a tremendous number of people over the past few months of his campaign to win the 2016 Republican Party presidential nomination. Namely, the Mexican and Muslim communities. Of course, many have spoken out against Trump’s inflammatory and divisive speeches, but one interesting figure to recently fire back at Trump is his old […]

TV commentator Erik Rush blames Muslims for Boston Marathon bombings

While the nation is still reeling from the tragic Boston Marathon bombings that happened on Monday, many are looking for someone to blame for the incident. And though charges have yet to be brought  against any suspects, New York-based columnist and TV commentator Erik Rush recently claimed that Muslims are the culprits. Just hours after […]

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