Jagged Edge performs live at 20th Essence Festival 2014

Jagged Edge rocked the stage at the 20th Essence Festival in New Orleans this past weekend. With the group working on another album, the Essence stage was a great way to show their loyal fans a little love. Jagged Edge sang “Where The Party At,” “Promise,” “Let’s Get Married” and more crowd favorites. Karlie Red, Morris […]

Jagged Edge’s Wingo gives advice to up-and-comers

Jagged Edge is an R&B group featuring identical twins Brandon and Brian Casey, Kyle Norman and Richard Wingo. “JE” released their debut album, A Jagged Era, in 1997; their seventh album, The Remedy, came out in 2011. Below, Wingo shares a few tips he’s learned on his JE journey. What advice would you give budding […]