Janelle Monae dishes on her secret to success and her top 15 must-read books

Janelle Monae has shared a list of the 15 most influential books of her life. The 32-year-old singer is a self-confessed sci-fi fanatic, but her influences extend beyond one specific genre, with her list also featuring the biography of Malcolm X, the American human rights activist. Other well-known books that appear on Monae’s list — […]

Janelle Monae feels she didn’t ‘plan accordingly’

Janelle Monae worries she won’t have children because she’s so focused on her career. The Moonlight star is “scared” that she won’t start a family “within the time frame” that she wants to because she didn’t “plan accordingly.” Speaking to the new issue of Fault magazine, she said, “What scares me is that I won’t […]