Black Nevada state Sen. Kelvin Atkinson comes out during gay marriage speech

As the issue of same-sex marriage rages on across the nation, the state of Nevada Senate came together on Monday for a legislative debate over a measure to repeal the state’s gay marriage ban replace it with a requirement that the state recognize all marriages regardless of gender. Though the debate was already groundbreaking, one Nevada lawmaker, […]

Democrats: Seven of the Ten Richest Members of the Congress

Each year, based on required financial statement and annual disclosure forms, the public has access to information about lawmakers’ assets and liabilities, including stock-market holdings, rental properties, checking accounts, credit card balances, student loans and other financial obligations. As a result, the political daily Roll Cal publishes a list of all the members of congress […]

Congress introduces bill to regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol

It appears as if the writing is on the wall to once again legalize marijuana on the federal level. The Marijuana Tax Act was passed in 1937 and made the possession of cannabis illegal after it had been legal since the founding of America.  Like the Volstead Act or as it was called, the National Prohibition Act of […]