New this week: January 31, 2022 fiction releases

February kicks off with highly anticipated literary releases. Charmaine Wilkerson debuts with a family drama, Black Cake. Daniel Black shares a father’s emotional love letter in Don’t Cry For Me. Kianna Alexander reimagines the life of Josephine N. Leary in Carolina Built. Jayne Allen returns with part two of Tabitha’s story in Black Girls Must Be […]

‘Black Girls Must Die Exhausted’ examines what it takes to live a full life

Author Jayne Allen gives us an enjoyable and relatable peek into the life of main character Tabitha Walker, a “Black woman with a plan to have it all” in her early 30s and living in Los Angeles. Allen introduces us to Tabitha’s girlfriends, boyfriend, family, and her functioning ecosystem wrapped up in career and life’s […]

Writer Jayne Allen says Black girls don’t have to die exhausted

Jayne Allen, author of Black Girls Must Die Exhausted, penned the book to take readers on “an amazing adventure.” Allen, a graduate of Duke University and Harvard Law School, used her unique experiences as an attorney and entrepreneur to craft a novel that is a clarion call. Rolling out recently spoke with Allen about the […]

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