Jaquelina ‘Jackie’ Bianchi – ‘Jerseylicious’ blonde bombshell

Jaquelina ‘Jackie’ Bianchi is back for season five of Jerseylicious, and though the blonde bombshell/hairstylist looks sweet and innocent, she seems to still find herself in the middle of drama.  While most post-pregnancy mothers seem to struggle with losing the baby weight, Jackie looks just as beautiful after as she did before. Take a look […]

Olivia Blois Sharpe: Hot ‘Jerseylicious’ fashion

Olivia Blois Sharpe just may be the star of the fifth season of  “Jerseylicious.”  The self-employed makeup artist who finds herself falling back into working in the salon scene not only knows how to handle her business, but also her fashion. It’s no surprise that her face is always beat to the max, but her […]

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