Top 10 HBCU commencement speakers

Historically Black Colleges and Universities, also known as HBCUs produce some of the nations top executives, influential leaders and well known celebrities. These schools not only provide a place of learning, they encourage a tight knit network that essentially becomes an extended family.  It is no wonder that every year, the best and brightest want to give commencement […]

Chicago Urban League 52nd Annual Golden Fellowship Dinner (photos)

CHICAGO (November 8, 2013) — Oscar, Emmy and Golden Globe award winning actor Louis Gossett, Jr. and civil rights leader Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. received the Bill Berry Civil Rights Award at the Chicago Urban League’s 52nd Annual Golden Fellowship Dinner. The event was hosted by Chicago comedian Damon Williams, with entertainment provided by […]

8 luxury federal prisons Jesse Jackson Jr. may be sent to

Now that former Jesse Jackson Jr. has been officially disgraced, removed from office, indicted and convicted of using more than a quarter-million dollars in campaign funds to furbish his luxury home in Washington, plus other personal items, Jackson will most likely be sent to a minimum-security federal “luxury” prison to serve out his time. The […]

Mrs. Jackson Asks Public to Keep Son, Jesse Jackson Jr., in Prayers

The least public of Chicago’s famed Jackson family,and the mother of U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) spoke openly regarding her son’s treatment for a mood disorder while speaking at the Rainbow PUSH coalition conference in Chicago. Jackie Jackson told reporters that her son had experienced severe disappointment — some of it politically related — […]

Jesse Jackson Jr. Blames Unemployment on the iPad … Huh?

With one black political dynasty, the Kilpatricks, torn asunder in Detroit, we have to also wonder about viability of the one trudging along in Chicago. With Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., a de facto politician for decades, trying to repel some repulsive accusations in an inflammatory lawsuit by a homosexual ex-worker, Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Ill., […]

Gay Ex-Employee of Rev. Jesse Jackson Files Discrimination Lawsuit

A gay ex-employee of Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition filed a politically explosive lawsuit, claiming the civil rights leader demeaned, humiliated and harassed the homosexual man and consigned him to repulsive and degrading tasks before firing him. Tommy R. Bennett, 55, filed the discrimination complaint with the Chicago’s Commission on Human Rights that alleges […]