Morris Chestnut, Omari Hardwick and Their Children Deal With Bullying, Too

Morris Chestnut and Omari Hardwick provided gripping firsthand testimonies that stardom doesn’t automatically provide protection against the evils of modern bullying. Bullying has reached over the Hollywood walls of privilege to touch the Chestnut household in an all-too personal way. Chestnut, best known for his gritty performance in urban classics Boyz N the Hood, Brothers […]

Omari Hardwick, Morris Chestnut Power Anti-Bullying Event, Fundraiser

Omari Hardwick’s mouth was agape with shock. And Morris Chestnut simply lowered his eyes and shook his head as Jowharah Sanders detailed how she somehow found beauty in the aftermath of absolute horror and heartbreak. Sanders’ terrifyingly brutal victimization from bullying led her to found the National Voices for Equality, Education and Enlightenment (NVEEE). On […]