Find out why Tasha Smith thinks her annulment was a miracle

Tasha Smith’s life was turned upside down in one of the most shocking ways last year when she discovered that her former husband, Keith Douglas, had been hiding a secret past life from her. Although Smith was able to annul her marriage, most people would assume that she’d be heartbroken and scarred over the matter. However, […]

Tasha Smith’s Hollywood friend comes to her defense against ex-husband

Actress Tasha Smith seemed to be up the creek without a paddle earlier this year when her then-husband, Keith Douglas, filed a restraining order against her and she was ordered to pay him a hefty amount in spousal support. Luckily for Smith, a judge annulled her marriage a few days ago after it was found […]

Keith Douglas shares an open letter about his marriage to Tasha Smith

Keith Douglas turned to social media to pour out his feelings about his marriage to Tasha Smith. It’s mighty interesting that he only decided to express himself after a judge ruled in favor of an annulment after concluding that Keith Douglas was a fraud and still married to two of his alleged ex-wives as he proposed […]

Actress Tasha Smith’s husband files court order against her

In a possible case of real life imitating art, actress Tasha Smith, best known for her role as the fiery Angela in Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? franchise, is now under a court order to keep her distance from her husband. According to TMZ, hubby Keith Douglas has filed a protective order against […]

Tasha Smith’s Husband, Keith Douglas, Shows How to Create Wealth

The real and lasting creation of wealth does not come from a dollar bill, but begins internally and with the unseen, author and successful businessman Keith Douglas admonishes. Douglas, husband of “For Better or Worse” star Tasha Smith, proposes convincingly in the The Power to Get Wealth: No Money Down that the secrets of wealth […]