Kelly Rowland’s ex-fiancée denies ‘Dirty Laundry’ domestic abuse claims

Roy Williams denies abusing Kelly Rowland The ex-fiancée of a superstar singer is clearing the air about domestic abuse claims she vocalized in a new song. NFLer, Roy Williams who was engaged to Kelly Rowland in 2005 took to Twitter to clear his name after the release of her new single “Dirty Laundry.” As previously […]

Kelly Rowland’s ‘Dirty Laundry’ addresses jealousy of Beyoncé, domestic abuse

Kelly Rowland admits Beyoncé jealousy, being domestically abused Kelly Rowland is shocking fans with a brutally honest song detailing an abusive relationship and previous feelings of jealousy towards her “sister” Beyoncé. Rowland, 31, released her new single, Dirty Laundry Wednesday, May 15 detailing secrets from her past. In one particular verse she admits to being “enraged” over […]