Black male, 22, found strangled to death in Cancun after bill dispute in gay bar

Craig Taylor went to Cancun, Mexico, to enjoy college Spring Break with his brother and two friends. However, Taylor, 22, was found strangled to death two days after arriving in Cancun. According to reports by Union Cancun, Taylor and his group visited a gay bar on March 1. At some point during the night, Taylor […]

Mother used stun gun to discipline small children

A Florida caregiver is being held in jail after allegedly using a stun gun on children under 10 to discipline them. Letina Smith employed an hour-long punishment called “the electric chair” with shocks from a stun gun for the three children, according to police. Smith defended herself by saying she only threatened her cousin’s kids […]

10 best places to buy a vacation home in the U.S.

Want a vacation home that’s not too far from home? Most people think of a vacation home as one somewhere in the Caribbean surrounded by white sands and clear water. However, with unpredictable airfares, why not consider some of the beautiful areas right here in the U.S.? While Florida and California may be the first […]

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