16-year-old honors student stabbed to death; 15-year-old charged

crime scene tape

A 15-year-old girl in New York, whose name is being withheld by police due to her age, is facing charges of manslaughter in the first degree and attempted assault in the first degree. According to CBS2 New York, the charges may also be upgraded, pending a grand jury review. On April 8, the suspect allegedly […]

Black teen Ma’Khia Bryant killed by cop after allegedly calling police for help

crime scene tape

A 16-year-old Ohio teenager was shot dead by a police officer after allegedly calling authorities to break up a fight outside her foster home. Roughly 30 minutes before Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murdering George Floyd, Ma’Khia Bryant found herself in what turned out to be a deadly skirmish. In a video obtained by […]

Tupac Shakur arrested in Tennessee, but he’s a White guy

A White man who shares the name of the late legendary rapper Tupac Shakur was arrested on drug charges and attacking police in Tennessee. Tupac A. Shakur was apprehended in Johnson City, Tennessee, 90 miles east of Knoxville near the North Carolina border, due to outstanding warrants. However, while he was being taken into custody, […]

Why a Memphis mom faces charges after 10-year-old son commits suicide

A Memphis, Tennessee woman is in jail after her 10-year-old son committed suicide this week. Robin McKinzie was charged with aggravated child abuse after her son Jaheim McKinzie stabbed himself in the chest after a brutal beating by his mother. According to WREG-News, McKinzie, a single mom, choked and viciously beat her son with an extension […]

Grandma pulls knife on grandson for disrespecting her (NSFW)

A video posted to YouTube shows the danger of disrespecting your  grandma. In the video, the irate grandmother tells the young children to “shut the f— up” and pulls out a knife. Soon the children’s laughter dissolves into silence as the grandmother declares, “You don’t f— with me.” [jwplatform rksq4eTw]

Knife found at OJ Simpson murder scene too small

Last week, new developments in the OJ Simpson murder case made the news. It was discovered that a retired LAPD officer had in his possession a knife that was discovered at Simpson’s former mansion. The officer had the knife for as long as 13 years. The knife was reportedly given to the officer by a construction worker […]

Buried knife found at O.J. Simpson’s mansion hidden by cop for years

LAPD officials are reporting that a knife that may have been used in the murders of Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman has been found. The knife had been in the possession of a retiring LAPD traffic cop for as long as 18 years. According to sources, the knife was found buried during the demolition of […]

Transgender woman bullies and cuts NYC subway passengers

[jwplatform Pd4zscRy] Riding the subway in New York City can often be entertaining and terrifying. Recently, it turned into terror as a transgender woman threatened passengers with a knife. The abusive rider was decked out in designer clothes as she waved a knife in a rider’s face and threatened violence and said that she would […]

Troubling: More bad news for Aaron Hernandez

The troubled life of former NFL star Aaron Hernandez has been rough in prison. According to prison authorities, he has been in frequent fights while incarcerated. Hernandez is serving a life sentence for the murder of Odin Lloyd and faces additional charges in the double murder of two other men. Now prison officials have found a […]

10 cops gun down Black man on sidewalk in San Francisco

[jwplatform 0P0BEA0w] San Francisco police killed a disturbed Black man holding a knife on a busy sidewalk. At least 10 officers surrounded and opened fire on the dazed looking man, killing him. The man was a suspect in a nearby stabbing. Some are calling the shooting an excessive use of force.

Start Thanksgiving without her, get stabbed!

Thanksgiving dinner turned into a horror story for one Pennsylvania man who started eating without his girlfriend. According to law enforcement, Jack-Lyn Blake awoke from her sleep after heavy drinking and discovered that her boyfriend, Benjamin Smith, had cut the Thanksgiving turkey and fixed himself a plate of food. Blake became enraged that he had cut […]

Man pulls knife when hunting buddy says no to gay sex

For many, a good hunting buddy is hard to find. In Montana, Robert Saunders, 31, really liked his hunting buddy—  a bit too much. So much so, that when his friend refused his sexual advances, he pulled a knife. According to police reports and victim statements, Saunders had been drinking and hunting all day. When […]