Job Hires Increased Modestly in June

President Obama is armed with a modest cache of ammunition to further repel Mitt Romney’s advances as he blazes a campaign trail through the American heartland, Ohio and Pennsylvania: a slight increase in jobs, plummeting gas prices and a revitalized auto industry. The newly released jobs reports is by far of most concern to citizens […]

Avoid the Unemployment Line: 10 Recession-Proof Careers Destined for Growth

Here is one word to describe the August jobs report: Dismal. The Labor Department’s most recent report painted a dreary picture for all the unemployed who are hoping to realize their version of the American Dream, but the picture for black job-seekers is especially disconcerting. Black unemployment surged to 16.7 percent in August, its highest […]

Jay-Z Says Criticism of President Obama ‘Fair’

As of late, President Barack Obama has received heavy criticism from a number of sources including outspoken rapper Lupe Fiasco. And while many feel that the criticism is unwarranted and out of line, hip-hop mogul Jay-Z is claiming that any criticism President Obama has received is “fair.” According to Billboard, on Thursday night, July 7, […]

Black Unemployment Up as National Jobless Rate Falls

President Obama exhaled yesterday as the national unemployment rate fell to a two-year low of 8.8 percent. However, the jobless rate for African Americans continues to rise and is nearly double the national average. Unemployment actually rose slightly for African Americans, hitting 15.5 percent. After a drop last month, black teen joblessness rose again to […]