Wale weighs in on gay rappers

With the LGBT rights movement still going strong in America, music fans have not only seen their day-to-day lives shifting toward equality, they’ve also seen the world of hip-hop shifting to be more inclusive of LGBT people. But is hip-hop finally open to embracing a mainstream gay rapper? According to Wale, the answer is yes. […]

Tavis Smiley slams ‘Empire’

“Empire” may be a massive ratings hit and one of the biggest sensations in pop culture history, but that doesn’t mean that everybody is a fan of the show. One of the show’s biggest detractors is now TV journalist and political commentator Tavis Smiley, who recently blasted the series for showing the worst of the […]

Will.i.am offers his view on Ferguson, Taylor Swift, how Obama ‘disappointed’ him

Black Eyed Peas’ co-creator will.i.am sits down with Larry King on the Emmy-nominated series “Larry King Now” to talk about opportunities in Ferguson, his exciting Puls, his  new smart watch venture, what he thinks about Taylor Swift, why the media demonizes his friend Justin Bieber and why he’s “disappointed” in President Obama, plus his desperate […]

T.I. defends Raven-Symoné

[jwplatform aO1KUAXp] Raven-Symoné stoked a lot of conversation with her comments on race and being judged during an interview with Oprah. Listen as T.I. shares his perspective on her opinions with Larry King.

Karen Civil’s celebrity friends on Instagram

Karen Civil, digital renaissance women, manager for Nipsey Hussle and business partner in the Marathon Agency; she is known to interview a celeb or two as she globe trots from one city to the next or one country to another. Civil, has bridged the gap between celebrity and their fans she keeps us up to date […]

Celebs who tweeted condolences for Nelson Mandela’s passing

Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first black president, passed away at his home this week at the age of 95. Condolences, Mandela quotes and pictures were tweeted and retweeted on Twitter as former presidents, celebrities and world leaders remembered the anti-apartheid civil rights leader. Check out the tweets from Bill Clinton, Russell Simmons, Rihanna and more below. –Joi […]

Tom Hanks reveals major health scare

During a recent appearance on “The David Letterman Show,” Two time Oscar winner Tom Hanks announced that he has type 2 diabetes. The 57-year-old star best known for his role in Forrest Gump recently revealed to BBC that he would no longer be “gaining or losing any more weight for movie roles.” Hanks has been […]

Snoop Dogg writes Larry King a rap and they imitate each other

Snoop Dogg invites Larry King to Snoop’s GGN News room, and Larry makes himself at home. Watch and find out what Larry King loves as he catches contact high and Snoop writes him a rap. Snoop also gets his actin on as he imitates King. Check out part one of Snoop’s interview with Larry King.

Frank Ocean Says He May Have Lost His Religion; 7 Famous Agnostics and Atheists

Whether it be in his music, in his performances or in his words, the one thing that has endeared so many fans to Frank Ocean is his honesty in a world otherwise filled with smoke and mirrors. It’s that honesty that made his famous “coming out” letter so powerful and compelling, and the artist continued […]

Celebrities Who Divorced the Most

Some people in Hollywood really, really believe in the phrase “I do,” because they keep saying it over and over and over again. And this was particularly true for the late Elizabeth Taylor. Despite breathtaking beauty, worldwide adulation and riches beyond imagination, she couldn’t quite get the marriage thing down pat. And neither could the […]

Biggest Gold Diggers in America

Hey, Kanye … how does that song go? “I ain’t saying she a gold digger, but …” No need to complete that statement. We understand what you’re trying to say. Some of the women listed above and below are among the most talented money-grubbing parasites on earth. Some are angel-faced predators, says balleralert.com, while others […]

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