LeBron James flips the script on ‘shut up and dribble’ insult

Racist right-wing folks like Laura Ingraham have historically despised “uppity Negroes” like LeBron James, who exemplify intelligence and also have the intestinal fortitude to speak up forcefully on sociopolitical inequities in America. So when the Fox News host ordered King James to “shut up and dribble,” she had no idea that the NBA megastar would use […]

Fox News’ Ingraham taunts school shooting survivor after college rejection

Fox News reporter Laura Ingraham is facing fierce criticism after the news show host heartlessly and callously taunted Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg for being rejected for admittance into several colleges. Hogg is fighting back, however. He is demanding advertisers boycott Ingraham’s show for her infantile mocking of a student who survived one of the […]