Racist White man shoots Black police chief and never faces criminal charges

We’ve all come to realize that it’s not unusual for unarmed Black men to be shot and killed by police. However, a racist white man in Oklahoma shot a Black police chief in the chest, never encountered any bullets from police, and didn’t get charged with a crime. According to The Oklahoman, officers in Sentinel, […]

Illinois’ new laws for 2015

Every new year brings a lot with it, including a new set of laws for citizens to follow. Check below for a few of Illinois’ highlights. Click here for the full listing.  Increased speed limits – The speed limit on tollways and interstates increases to 70 miles per hour, 60 miles per hour for semis. Traffic stops – There will be […]

Medical marijuana: Is Georgia next?

On Jan. 17, 2014, Georgia  state Sen. Josh McKoon filed a legislative request to establish a study committee on medical marijuana in Georgia. House Speaker David Ralston stated, “I have some concerns about it quite frankly but I think, let’s take the politics out of it, and look at the science and hear the medical professionals.” […]

Boris Kodjoe and Dr. Ian Smith on the Laws of Sex and Attraction

Boris Kodjoe and Dr. Ian Smith were among the celebrity panelists who appeared at the Truth About Men Tour held in Chicago Friday, May 11. The tour, based on Dr. Smith’s hot relationship book, also includes the screening of the short film, The Truth, directed by Hill Harper and executive produced by Randy Crump and […]