NBA star Andre Iguodala allegedly said what about his daughter?

NBA star Andre Iguodala is deeply embroiled in a child support battle with his baby mama Clayanna Warthen over their 6-year-old daughter, London. And while that might not seem out of the ordinary for a celebrity athlete, what is shocking about the case is that Warthen recently claimed that Iguodala claims he doesn’t want their […]

Queen Latifah shuts down sexuality rumors

Queen Latifah’s sexuality, or rather the lack of clarity about it, has always been something for the tabloids to talk about. And the talk was enormous earlier this year when she starred as bisexual blues icon Bessie Smith in her HBO biopic. At the time, Latifah, as usual, refused to open up about her sexuality. […]

More accusations emerge about Whitney Houstons’ alleged lesbian romance

Ian Halperin’s new book, Whitney & Bobbi Kristina: The Deadly Price of Fame, has already made waves thanks to its shocking claims about Bobbi Kristina’s alleged drug-filled teenage years and rumors that Whitney Houston was extorted over rumors she was lesbian. Now, even more details about the book have been revealed, including accusations that Houston’s alleged lesbian romance was turbulent and […]

Whitney Houston was extorted over lesbian rumors?

Earlier this week, news already revealed that Ian Halperin’s new book, ‘Whitney & Bobbi Kristina: The Deadly Price of Fame,’ makes shocking claims about Bobbi Kristina’s alleged drug-filled teenage years. Now more details about the book have been revealed and one includes accusations from Halperin that Whitney Houston was once extorted over secrets about her sexuality.

Jennifer Hudson responds to lesbian rumors

Jennifer Hudson may be engaged to David Otunga, but that hasn’t stopped some fans from wondering if she’s a lesbian. In a new interview with, Hudson finally addresses those rumors and denies that she’s attracted to women. The rumors about Hudson’s sexuality began last year when she hit the stage alongside Macklemore and Mary […]

Queen Latifah spotted sharing a kiss with her girlfriend

Queen Latifah has never been forthcoming when it comes to discussing her romantic life and has often chosen to remain silent when questioned about the claims that she’s a lesbian. Although the media mogul has left fans to assume what they want about her sexuality, there’s little to assume now that photos of Latifah kissing […]

Keyshia Cole denies being a lesbian

Keyshia Cole had heads turning everywhere when she released her latest single, “She,” in which she sings about enjoying the touch of a woman’s hand — that woman being her own self. And although many of her fans believe Cole was admitting to being attracted to women, Cole recently denied the claims, once again. In […]

Kerry Washington on lesbian rumors: ‘Nothing offensive about it’

Kerry Washington would seem like the last person to be targeted as a lesbian as she recently got married and just days ago broke the news that she is pregnant. However, the “Scandal” actress is being called gay. Not one to be troubled by the haters, the Django Unchained starlet responds to the critics in […]

Cissy Houston opens up about Whitney’s drug use, lesbian rumors

It’s been almost a year since Whitney Houston tragically passed away last February, and her death left a cloud over the industry and the lives of her friends and family, namely her mother, Cissy Houston. In her latest memoir, Remembering Whitney, Cissy ponders the tumultuous life of her late daughter and opens up about her […]

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