Antoine Dodson claims homosexuality can be ‘lifted’ away

Antoine Dodson shocked the world when he became a YouTube celebrity in 2010 with his viral “Hide yo wife, hide yo kids” video. But the openly gay celebrity may have just outdone himself when he announced last week, via a lengthy Facebook post, that he’s renounced his homosexuality and wants to have a wife. Now, […]

Lance Bass says he receives daily death threats

Openly gay singer Lance Bass made headlines last week when he revealed that he helped former Washington Wizards center Jason Collins come to a decision about the best way to come out to the world. In a recent interview on “The View,” Bass spoke about his own journey to coming out and how he still receives daily death threats. In the interview, Bass […]

K. Michelle sets the record straight on her sexuality

For K. Michelle, being no-holds-barred and uncensored is just her natural way of life. Last year the brazen R&B singer unapologeticaaly revealed to the world that she’s been intimate with both women. And though many have claimed that K. Michelle is a lesbian, the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star recently decided to clarify the […]

E. J. Johnson opens up about his famous coming out moment

Most people don’t make groundbreaking history just by walking down the street, hand in hand, with their boyfriend. But that’s exactly what happened earlier this month when Earvin “E. J.” Johnson III publicly came out after being filmed with his boyfriend in L.A. Since then, both Johnson’s father, Magic Johnson, and Kobe Bryant, as well […]

Clive Davis addresses Whitney Houston lesbian rumors

Clive Davis became the talk of the town earlier this month when he revealed in his new memoir, The Soundtrack to My Life, that he is bisexual. Now, Davis is opening up about the life of his late friend and protégée, Whitney Houston, and responding to rumors that she was a lesbian. In a new […]

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