President Obama pushes for new benefits for same-sex couples

President Obama has taken a powerful stance on LGBT inclusive legislative for the past few years, and this week he pushed for another major win in LGBT equality with a new federal budget that will allow for same-sex married couples across the board to receive new Social Security benefits. According to the Huffington Post, married […]

President Obama signs executive order to end LGBT job discrimination

Earlier this summer, President Obama made it clear that he would do everything in his power to protect LGBT employees’ rights in the workplace. And now, news reports have revealed that Obama has signed an executive order into law that bans workplace discrimination in the federal sector. According to the White House Blog, Obama signed […]

Cashier makes President Obama laugh over gay joke

President Barack Obama has been gaining widespread attention over the last few months over his heavy push for new laws to grant equal rights and protection to the LGBT community. And in that time he’s gained a growing number of supporters, including one cashier in Austin, Texas, who made the president chuckle with a surprise […]

7 things the LGBT community can be proud of this Independence Day

This Independence Day, people across the nation are going to be celebrating freedom, family and good food, but for minority communities like the LGBT community, there have definitely been new developments this year when it comes to LGBT equality that are worth keeping in mind this Fourth of July. Check out a list of some […]

President Obama extending family leave rights to married gay couples

All week long, President Obama has been working several angles to push Congress to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would band workplace discrimination over gender and sexuality nationwide. Now, President Obama is taking time to handle another equality issue as it’s been revealed that he plans to extend family and medical leave rights to […]

President Obama criticizes Congress and LGBT workplace discrimination

Earlier this week, President Obama made headlines when he directed his staff to draft an executive order that would abolish workplace discrimination against the LGBT community under federal law. Though he has yet to finalize or sign the draft, Obama made it clear that the issue is a top priority for him when he spoke […]

President Obama drafting order to protect LGBT employees

President Barack Obama’s pro-gay stance has certainly garnered praise from LGBT activists ever since he begin to publicly support a myriad of social changes, from same-sex marriage to international protection of the LGBT community. However, President Obama has been notably criticized for failing to create federal laws to protect LGBT citizens on U.S. soil. Now, […]

Whoopi Goldberg blasts Uganda and Nigeria for anti-gay laws

Many public figures have been speaking out loudly against Uganda and Nigeria’s new extreme anti-gay laws, which will put several of their LGBT citizens in jail for years for simply being gay. But recently, “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg decided to weigh in on the matter and slammed the two African nations for tearing away […]